Securing Your Virtual Meeting Content

Did you ever wonder what happens to your confidential content that you distribute to the meeting attendees as part of your ‘pre-meeting review’ for any web meeting?

Would it concern you if any of your confidential company content files that are part of your virtual meetings might end up being viewed by a competitor or anyone that was not invited to your meeting?

You might be surprised to learn that every time you send a Word Document, PowerPoint slide deck or Excel spreadsheet to any of your virtual attendees via email or as a link as IP hosted content, there is a significant risk that this content will be viewed by more than the people that are part of the live or on-demand virtual meeting.

Many companies think they have sufficient ‘security’ measures already in place for protecting their intellectual property (IP) and confidential content through varied network and server security technologies. The reality is however, that most companies have no idea where their intellectual property and content materials are really going and who might be viewing their content.

It has been estimated that ‘one-third’ of US companies have admitted losing sensitive confidential content and data in the past 12 months, while another 11 percent were ‘unsure’ whether a content breach had occurred. Research conducted by the Enterprise Strategy Group noted that intellectual property protection goes beyond securing private records and data. Fear of intellectual property and confidential content theft and misuse has become a priority that companies in multiple market segments are beginning to deploy new technologies such as digital rights management in their content distribution business process.

Now all companies including SMB have the same concerns of large global organizations regarding protecting their confidential or proprietary content against unauthorized viewing, misuse and piracy. Many of your virtual meetings entail the distribution of confidential ancillary documents such as company financials, strategic plans, confidential and legal documents, etc. These sensitive and confidential files are typically sent to each invited attendee as ‘pre-meeting review’ materials through the meeting sponsors email as attachments or sometimes as hosted content links and distributed through the collaborative meeting system.

These meeting content materials that support any web meeting typically have no content protection whatsoever. The varied conferencing content files can be in a MS Office file format of PowerPoint, Word and Excel or Flash video, WMV, mp3, etc.

In this security focused business environment, this process of sending confidential content files to meeting participants with no content protection is extremely risky to you and your company!

The risk from content theft, unauthorized viewing and misuse are real and can be damaging on many levels. Consider the fact that every time you send an email with any attachment, you lose total control of that content since it will travel through any number of third party servers even before your attendees get access to it! Additionally, the creator of the content files cannot control email forwarding and unauthorized viewing of the distributed ancilliary meeting content materials.

In the collaboration industry, there is a tremendous need to implement new ‘content at rest’ rights management security technology to protect all ancillary confidential content along with recorded on-demand meetings.

Now more than ever, content security protection and digital rights management technology is a critical piece of a company’s solution strategy to protect control and manage confidential and IP content.

We have the conferencing industry solution… ARALOC™ the market leading ‘content at rest’ Digital Rights Management (DRM) software application is now integrated to Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, NBR and Connect platforms. ARALOC integrated to Cisco WebEx will enable the web meeting sponsor to distribute such conference materials securely to any meeting participant and retain control over their use, track content viewing over time and “expire” it when necessary.

The Cisco WebEx meeting sponsor can now apply a high level of content security encryption and content rights controls to their meeting program materials through our ARALOC application that is integrated to the Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, NBR and Connect collaborative platform.
Our ARALOC product will Protect Your Content from Unauthorized Viewing and Misuse.

The system employs 256-bit AES encryption, an array of content rights management controls and content hosting options to provide any conferencing user the highest level of content protection against piracy, and unauthorized viewing.

The ARALOC solution now delivers ‘Cross Platform’ support to reach a very wide audience of computer and ‘smart mobile devices’ while still protecting their proprietary content.
System supports secure viewing for – PC, Mac as well as, iPhone / iPod Touch devices and RIM Blackberry. The ARALOC iPad version is coming soon!

ARALOC™ protects and secures content in many file formats including; wmv, mp3, mp4, mov, doc, xls, ppt, jpg, gif, png, swf, htm, html, txt. All these formats can be mixed in a single protected package. Any web meeting sponsor should use ARALOC™ to stop copying, forwarding, prevent printing, apply viewing rights, expire content, and track access to your confidential and proprietary content, no matter where it resides. System also provides graphical reports for content viewing analytics.

ARALOC™ secures, controls and manages your proprietary and confidential distributed content. It is easy to use and cost effective.
Content Blog Author: Tom J. Canova, Co-Founder, CMO Modevity, LLC
Modevity direct dial at office 610.738.9700 ext.119.
Modevity web site:
ARALOC product site:


  1. Damn, that sound’s so easy if you think about it.

  2. aditya452010 · ·

    All great ideas but I would also add another item to it: consider doing a virtual event/meeting. Virtual events and meetings are a great way to stay in front of customers, generate new leads and help close business already in the pipeline. These solutions are being deployed so rapidly by companies that the market is projected to exceed $18 billion by 2015.

  3. Superb blog! Do you have any suggestions for aspiring writers?
    I’m planning to start my own site soon but I’m a little lost on everything.
    Would you suggest starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option?
    There are so many options out there that I’m totally
    confused .. Any recommendations? Thanks!

  4. Hello, thanks for your positive comments on our ARALOC Blog. WordPress would be a very good Blog system option for you. Best of Luck with your new Blog.

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