ARALOC DRM Now Integrated to Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, NBR and Connect Platforms, an Industry First!

WEST CHESTER, PA – Modevity, LLC, announced that ARALOC, an industry leading digital rights management (DRM) solution is now integrated to the Cisco WebEx Meeting Center  and WebEx Connectplatforms. Now Cisco WebEx users can securely distribute and protect their confidential and proprietary content in support of WebEx Meetings and Connect Space collaboration.

Collaboration platforms are often used to share valuable content, such as confidential presentations, recorded on-demand web conferences and a wide range of proprietary content. Sharing is critical to effective collaboration, but many organizations are looking for a way to control access to their valuable content. Now Cisco WebEx Connect and Meeting Center customers can purchase an easy to use digital rights management application to secure, control and protect their proprietary content materials against unauthorized viewing, misuse and piracy.

“This new integration presents a range of exciting use cases for WebEx customers”, said Thomas J. Canova Co-Founder, CMO of Modevity. “Now customers can apply a robust content security solution to their ancillary meeting content and recorded WebEx meetings, even create protected web collaborative environments for activities like virtual learning or medical record sharing” Mr. Canova continued.

Cisco’s WebEx is the market leading web conferencing technology and the WebEx Connect application is an exciting cloud based collaboration platform.  The ARALOC DRM integration with the Cisco WebEx platforms is an industry first.  No other collaborative platform has integrated a digital rights management solution to their collaboration offering.

In this ‘security centric’ business environment, concern over intellectual property and confidential content theft and misuse has made rights management a priority for companies in every market segment.

Modevity provides the ARALOC™ application on completely outsourced software as a service (SaaS) basis to minimize corporate internal resources and capital expenditures.  ARALOC is a cost effective way to deliver a powerful content rights management solution to those who need it, when they need it.

About Modevity, LLC:

Modevity founded in 2004 is a leader in content rights management solutions.  Our ARALOC™ and Imperium™ rights management solutions provide clients powerful 256 bit AES encryption technology with extensive content rights management controls and viewer reporting and analytics.

Modevity is headquartered in West Chester , PA.  Find out more at and

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Modevity, LLC
610-296-5900 ext.119

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