Need to Secure Confidential and Proprietary Confidential Content Accessed by Smart Mobile Devices

It is exciting to read about how enterprise organizations in varied market segments are optimizing the new smart mobile devices such as the iPad into their organizations Learning and Collaboration initiatives to enhance productivity, communications and cost savings.

One of the key concerns I have recognized regarding our discussions with senior IT management has been the organizational ‘content security’ issues and policies regarding providing access to confidential and proprietary content files distributed to any smart mobile device including the iPad.

Here at Modevity, we have expanded our flagship product technology, ARALOC™ Mobile Content Distribution and DRM Platform that can support any enterprise mobile learning and collaboration content distribution initiatives for protecting proprietary content from un-authorized viewers, misuse and piracy!

Our ARALOC system can support any organization with our robust content rights management controls, 256 bit AES encryption, multiple media and file formats including video, audio and MS Office files, mobile m-catalog, viewer feedback and integrated surveys, integration to social media platforms, API integration and extensive content viewer tracking and reporting analytics.

We understand that with the accelerated growth of Mobile Smartphone & Tablets usage in the enterprise, ARALOC can provide an organization with secure content distribution and viewing to extend to multiple mobile operating systems and devices including iPad, iPhone and Android smart phones and tablets, along with PC and Mac.

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