Android Now the Top U.S. Smartphone Platform [Data Reports]

More mobile smartphone data keeps coming in showing how Android’s grip on the smartphone market is continuing to increase with each passing month.  Information from comScore shows that the Android platform has taken the number one spot from BlackBerry.  Note that this data doesn’t include the iPhone introduction to the Verizon network.

According to comScore’s data, Google’s Android rose from 23.5% market share in October 2010 to 31.2% in January 2011, enough to securely grab first place from RIM’s BlackBerry, which fell 35.8% in October 2010 to 30.4% in January 2011. A recent report from Neilson also claimed that Android is now the number one smartphone platform in the U.S., albeit with slightly different numbers.

Apple’s iOS experienced a minute growth in the same period: from 24.6% to 24.7%, while Microsoft and Palm continued losing market share, ending at 8.0% and 3.2%, respectively.

 Recent data from Canalys showed that Android is also the world’s most popular smartphone platform, and with the onslaught of Android smartphones this year, we’re sure that Android will continue doing well throughout 2011.

It’s easy to see that BlackBerry is losing ground as it continues to lose ground in the smartphone platform race.  What’s more interesting is to watch whether this pattern will continue in the mobile tablet market. Like the iPhone, Apple has taken the early lead by being first to market. What makes the tablet race different is there is no carrier dependent influence on sales. Anyone can buy one and right now, Apple’s iPad is the certainly the market leader thus far.

With Android tablet devices slow to get real market traction against the iPad and will it mean that Apple can get out in front and stay in front?

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