Publishers ‘Transformational Growth’ Ahead – According to Industry Exec’s by Sale of Digital Content

There seems to be a renewed excitement and outlook within the inner circles of the Publishing industry as of late.  Barnes & Noble chairman Len Riggio said the industry is on the cusp of “transformational growth” led by the sale of new digital content, and he urged publishers to produce different kinds of e-books and rich media.  He went on to state that it is wrong to view bookselling and publishing as a “zero sum game” in which the only way to grow is to expand market share, with a limit to the number of books people will buy.   Many publishing executives sees the digital marketplace expanding at a faster than many industry analysts, and said the sale of e-books and all digital content is adding new customers and is just not replacing traditional paper bound books.  

Riggio noted that sales of B&N’s Spark Notes study guides are $20 million annually despite the fact B&N gives away information found in the guides and is urging publishers to experiment with different kinds of e-content.  Certainly with the ubiquitous amount of information available on the web, book purchases and students are looking for publishers to make the content dynamic and increasingly interactive.

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