NHL Los Angeles Kings Players Get Their iPad App With ARALOC™ Sports

MALVERN, PA – Modevity, LLC  a leader in mobile content protection and distribution solutions with its ARALOC™ Sports solution has been selected by the Los Angeles Kings NHL team for managing video distribution to players, scouts and coaches.

The ARALOC Sports Platform provides a secure content distribution, mobile content management, tracking and reporting analytics for any confidential and proprietary content including; game review and practice video, playbooks, scouting content, as well as various confidential team content to popular mobile devices including iPad and Android.

ARALOC Sports is based on Modevity‘s industry leading ARALOC™ – Secure Content Distribution & DRM Security Platform that is supporting professional sports teams as well as global leaders in other market segments including Publishing, Training, Banking and Life Sciences.

“We understand the vital importance of providing both an easy to use and highly secure system for teams to distribute digital content materials on mobile devices including the iPad, and Android platforms,” said Tom J. Canova, Co-Founder, CMO of Modevity. Canova added, “We are thrilled to have the Kings join our growing list of NHL and NFL teams using the ARALOC Sports Platform.”

ARALOC Sports Platform highlights include; 256 bit AES encryption, powerful content rights management controls, multiple file types – video, audio, MS Office, PDF, HTML5, integrated content feedback and survey’s, mobile content management library, content annotation and video telestration, electronic signatures, content tracking and reporting analytics.

Modevity provides the ARALOC™ Sports Platform on completely outsourced software as a service (SaaS) basis to minimize the NHL team’s internal resources and capital expenditures. ARALOC™ is a cost effective way to secure and distribute confidential team digital content to mobile devices utilized by both players, scouts and coaching staffs.


About Modevity, LLC:

Modevity founded in 2004 is a leader in content distribution and protection solutions. Our ARALOC™ product solution provide clients with a powerful mobile content distribution and mobile content management platform with extensive content rights management security controls and viewer tracking, reporting and analytics.
Modevity is headquartered in Malvern, PA.

Find out more at http://www.araloc.com
Media Relations:
Thomas J. Canova
610-251-0700 ext.119

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