85% of Mobile Smartphones shipped last quarter run Android

It is interesting to see that like earlier tech trends such as the PC market, now Android is on the verge of turning mobile smartphone platforms into the market dominant provider.  A recent report by Strategy Analytics shows these new market analytics for smartphones.   http://www.strategyanalytics.com/

Android and its low-cost services and user-friendly software remain strongly attractive to hardware makers, operators and consumers worldwide. Other Mobile OS vendors are going to have to do something groundbreaking to overturn Android’s huge lead in mobile smartphone shipments. Apple’s iOS market drive into the big-screen phablet market and Firefox’s expansion into the ultra-low-cost smartphone market later this year are the only major threats to Android’s continued growth in the foreseeable future.

Apple’s iPhone sales during the April-June 2014 quarter were a bit surprising and amounted to 35.2 million, or 11.9% of total shipments, a 1.5% drop compared to the same time last year when it shipped 31.2 million iOS handsets (13.4% share).

Also, Microsoft, Blackberry and others also lost market share last quarter. Windows Phone handsets amounted to 2.7% of sales (8 million units), a 1.1% share drop, while BlackBerry only sold 1.9 million in the quarter ending in June 2014 (0.6% share) down 1.8% share since last year, when it moved 5.7 million handsets that amounted to 2.4% of the market.

A table showing Smartphone sales by platform below.




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