Fortune 10 Corporation – ARALOC Enterprise Case Study

Implementing the ARALOC™ Enterprise Mobile Content Distribution Platform


The business process in the Shared Services group for preparing and distributing confidential materials to a geographically dispersed Executive Committee and Executive Leadership Teams was manual, inefficient and costly.

Due to tight deadlines, frequent content modifications and manual processes like printing, copying, and binding, staff often worked additional hours in stressful conditions and executives often did not having optimal lead time to review information before the meeting

Any modification to the process would have to pass stringent content security standards.


The Company recognized that converting to a mobile solution and optimizing for mobile devices like the iPad could streamline executive content creation and delivery, create process improvement and provide substantial cost savings.

Additionally, a mobile solution would allow Executive Committee and members of various Executive Leadership Teams to review materials on their iPad or desktop immediately as they become available in a highly secure platform.

The Company selected Modevity’ s ARALOC Mobile Content Distribution Platform. The primary factors influencing the decision were ARALOC’s unmatched security profile, content management features, multi-device capability and its ease of use.


The Company has achieved cost-savings estimated at over $13,000 per meeting for all corporate Executive Committee and Operating Team Meetings largely through the elimination of printing, binding and rush charges – the workflow is now paperless, ‘cross-device’ and BYOD.

Executive Committee and Executive Leadership Team members are now able to access information on their Mobile devices quickly – in an easy to use custom configured and Company branded application.

ARALOC’s annotations, notes and sharing capabilities allow for easy collaboration among the Executive Committee and Executive Leadership Team members and have improved meeting preparation and executive management decision-making. These features have added in the quick adoption of the solution and switch from paper to paperless meetings.

The Shared Services group can now easily manage all content availability on executive’s devices as well as allow for individual business units to manage their own content directly and with no access to content or metadata belonging to other BUs.


The Company initiated a review of their current approach to corporate governance, with a particular focus on how executive meeting materials could go paperless, and how Executive Committee and Executive Leadership Team members could utilize their personal and company issued mobile devices like the iPad as well as their laptop machine.

During the process, they also discovered that a significant amount of resources were expended in producing and distributing Executive Committee and Executive Leadership Team content materials. The company also recognized if materials were digitized and distributed on mobile devices this would lead to an efficient, expedient and more secure content delivery process for all stakeholders.

Having completed the review, they concluded that their current paper-based process could be significantly improved, both within the Company’s corporate Executive Committee and Operating Team and be expanded to other business units as well in the future.

The Company IT team’s overall security assessment of the ARALOC Boardroom system validated the platform’s security profile including powerful, at-rest encryption and extensive configurable security controls for both the laptop and mobile devices. This became another key factor in selecting the ARALOC Platform.

The Modevity team partnered with the Program Management Office, Shared Services Team to initiate the implementation process quickly. This consisted of custom configuration and branding of the Company mobile iPad App and Windows App. In this deployment phase the technical team at Modevity worked with the Company team on selecting configuration options for the ARALOC mobile library, security settings and distribution controls.

The Company then implemented ARALOC’s Enterprise Management Console to allow for distributed administration of executive content by individual business unit administrators. Individual executive team members are able to access all content appropriate for them in a single Sign-On environment regardless of the BU.

Company Quote: “To say the rollout to our BU Presidents a couple of weeks ago was a Big Hit – is an understatement. The group enjoyed the ability to take notes right in the App, Annotate, etc. It is exciting that our leaders want to expand the use of this.” Company Team Leader


After the first Executive Committee and Operating Team Meeting utilizing the ARALOC Boardroom platform it became apparent immediately to both the administration team and executive management that the cost savings resulting from the elimination of paper as well as the greatly improved workflow for executive content publishing, cross device content synching and secure viewing was providing the Company with a powerful ‘value proposition’ that should be utilized across all the Business Units (BU’s) in the global enterprise.


The Company is ranked as on of the top ten largest companies according to Fortune Magazine. It is headquartered in the US and it’s operations are divided into many separate business units operating throughout the world.


Our customers share a need to protect their intellectual property and confidential digital content from competitive forces or unauthorized use. Today’s digital environment precludes organizations from developing and distributing confidential and proprietary content without taking measured safeguards to protect their digital assets from non-approved content viewers.

The Modevity ARALOC platform is a highly secure, cloud-based platform for the management, protection and distribution of digital content to the desktop and mobile devices. We support some of the world’s largest and most security conscious companies. Our platform delivers easy-to-use solutions for the enterprise with configurable security profiles and API integration to satisfy the most demanding CIO.

The ARALOC™ market leading digital content distribution and mobile platform protects an organization’s confidential content and intellectual property assets from leakage – malicious or accidental – without impacting collaboration between all stakeholders. Modevity, LLC, was founded in 2004 and our team has well over 100 years of industry experience in software and product development, collaboration, content management, network management and virtual communications.

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