Protecting Your Board Confidential Content Against Hacking

Like most companies today your organization probably uses some type of software to distribute confidential files to Board Members & Committee executive users for before or during meetings.

The question is:  Does your software keep your Board Content safe from hackers?

App Store vs. Internally Controlled & Privately Distributed Apps

Most Board Software companies provide at least an iPad App for content access.  This App is a generic “one size fits all” for use by all of their customers’ Board members.

There are three things needed to gain access to confidential Board of Directors content.

The App – Downloaded from the Apple App store.  It is available to anyone at any time.

The eMail Address (User Name) of your Board Members – Board software companies that use common App store Apps typically require that email address be used as the User Name.  Your Board Member’s names are likely public information and eMail addresses are easily obtainable from common sources such as Jigsaw, Zoom Info, and many other services.

The Password – Most people do not use strong passwords and password hacking is the most common and easiest form of hacking.  Please Google “most common passwords” for the bad news.

So, of the three requirements for hacking your Board Confidential Content, two are commonly available to anyone and one is commonly hacked using published password lists as well as Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

ARALOC Board software provides custom native Apps that only work with your account.  These apps are controlled by you and distributed to your Board Members by you.

ARALOC User Names can be whatever you want them to be as long as they are unique in your account.

ARALOC can be set to require strong passwords from users.

So, of the three requirements for hacking your Board Content, none are commonly available of easily hacked.

At-Rest Encryption vs. Https

Most Board Software systems use HTTPS to encrypt board content as is travels over the internet to your board and committee members.  Amazingly, some still don’t.

But that’s really only half the battle.  Once the files are on your board member’s device they are in clear text, they are backed up to the iCloud and the board member’s computer, they can be forwarded to others and the files can be edited.  In short, you have lost all control over your sensitive confidential board content files.

ARALOC Board software uses Encryption-at-Rest technology and individually unique encryption keys for every piece of content.  Content files can only be accessed through your secure ARALOC App.  You maintain absolute control over your files.

For more information on the secure ARALOC Boardroom system see our website at:

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